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What is Matt Fields Martial Arts Academy and what are we all about?

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Our Programs


Life at the ages of 4-10 are likely to bring new challenges both academically and socially. A constructive after-school activity such as a youth martial arts training program can help your child with these challenges. This is where Matt Fields Martial Arts Academy, serving the Monroe, Louisiana and surrounding areas can help. We have a specially designed curriculum for youth age students. This program represents the beginning and intermediate levels of youth martial arts training. Students learn about goal setting, self-defense, and vital anti-bullying tactics in a fun and action-packed environment.


The junior high and high school years (ages 11-15) are a formative point in a student’s life. This is the time where their self-concept really begins to take shape. Students are often searching for the right fit for themselves among their peers. This is an exciting experience, but a very challenging one as well. Matt Fields Martial Arts Academy features a positive environment for teens. When a student becomes part of our teen martial arts program, they join a group of like-minded peers. Students experience growth mentally, emotionally, and socially in our program. And there are many exciting training, competitive, and leadership opportunities that enhances the student’s Matt Fields Martial Arts Academy experience.


Our adult martial arts program intergrates the In-house originated style of Kokko Budo with the latest physical fitness methods and techniques. This combination forms a custom workout that helps you become more fit and focused! Matt Fields Martial Arts adult classes feature striking drills, kicking drills, blocking drills, breathing methods, and form exercises, as well as core strengthening exercises that aid in building physical strength, mental fitness. In depth concepts, and understanding of combat and self-defense techniques and it real world applications are the core of our adult training program.


Students are encouraged to take advantage of multiple opportunities per year to advance in belt ranking. These belt tests give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned on the mat. Also, as a member of Matt Fields Martial Arts Academy, students will be encouranged to participate in tournaments throughout the year. Much of our training is geared towards preparing students for belt testing and competitive events.

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